Anthony resting on a rock while swiming

Noone should swim alone. If you go swimming, please have someone join you at least to watch from the shore.


Dock and Lake

PFD's should be worn at night in all boats and during the day on the sail boats by anyone who has not passed a rigorous swimming test, by water skiers and anyone in a boat on a safety mission. Note the State of Maine rules for wearing personal floatation devices, who may operate a motorboat and restrictions on speeds within 200 feet of shore.



If you are an experienced sailor, feel free to use the Sunfish, but remember to wear a PFD and to have someone on shore who can come and assist if you capsize and can't get it righted.

Hobie Cat

The Hobie Cat is over 20 years old. It's hard to right without 300 pounds of strong crew.


Don't call for HELP when in or near the water unless you really need help. The neighbors are especially sensitive to calls for help and will drop everything and respond. We count on each other to help in the event that we have a real emergency.