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If there is a question or if a problem arises with the physical plant feel free to call us.

Badminton poles and net are in the rafters under the camp.

The electric service panel is under the camp to the right of the cellar doors.

No need to lock the camp on our behalf.

If the pump fails or requires attention, TURN OFF THE HOT WATER HEATER.  The  switch is behind the heater.  If the heater runs without a full tank of water it will fail.

Sheets are in the linen closet:

            BURGUNDY:- For the 2 extra long bunks in the center room.

            GREEN:- For the standard twin size mattresses, center & south room

            RED:-For the double bed in the south room

            GRAPH PAPER PATTERN:- for the north kingsize mattress.

The water comes out of the lake.  If you are concerned about the treatment, donít drink the water or use the ice cubes.

Help yourself to the food.  If we run low or you use up something or something breaks, put it on a list (pads are near each phone) so we can replace it.

Avoid sitting on the beds with a wet suit or leaving wet towels in the camp.  Hang anything up outside immediately.  In the summer, the camp can become musty very quickly once it becomes damp.

Please no smoking at all inside the camp. Pick up and take with you to the dump all cigarette butts (and cigar stubs) if you must smoke outside.

Heat, if needed, is the wood stove.  Newspaper is in the garage on the far wall, starter birch logs are right outside; hard wood is piled near the garage.

Enjoy your stay!

The camp and garage are protected by an alarm system. Alarm

Access to the camp and cellar is by door and alarm key and combination lock. Security Codes

The boats require fuel-oil mixtures. Fuel Ratios